Ten things 10:10 made happen this year

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on what 10:10 has been doing this year. And thanks to you, there’s a huge amount to be proud of.

1. We installed solar panels on community buildings around the country - paid for with generous donations from you! The solar panels will save the groups money, and produce lots of lovely clean power.


2. We started working with Hackney council on a brand new project to generate heat from parks. With the magic of heat pumps, the nearby buildings can use low-carbon heat and the parks get cash for their upkeep. Right now we’re whittling down which park to pick, watch this space.


3. A win for wind power! Over 30,000 of you signed our petition to remove planning barriers for wind turbines. And it worked! The government has agreed to remove barriers for existing wind turbines to allow them to rebuild and upgrade.

Photo: fromthevalleys,    cc

Photo: fromthevalleys, cc

4. 1500 1010ers badgered their councils to switch to clean cheap LEDs. Thanks to your persuasion and persistence, ten have agreed to switch completely in the next five years! From Kirklees to Islington, Wirral to Portsmouth, that’ll shake out to over 1.5m tonnes of carbon saved every year!


5. On a dark morning a few weeks ago, 60 amazing volunteers rocked up to parliament with the 10:10 team to create Westminster’s first pop up solar park. We were protesting cuts to solar that’d stop solar homes getting a fair price for the energy they produce but don’t use.


6. Our latest report investigating using heat pumps in London’s lost rivers to provide low cost, low carbon heating and cooling to the buildings above. There’s huge potential.

7. Back in the summer we went on an epic ice cream tour with Ben & Jerry’s. We chatted to hundreds of people over an ice cream about the amazing power of onshore wind.


8. Last year, hundreds of you wrote to your MP calling for tougher laws for tenants living in cold homes. We wanted the government to make sure landlords pay for energy efficiency improvements for the draughtiest homes to improve conditions and cut carbon emissions. And the government has agreed!


9. Together, 8000 1010ers wrote to their MPs demanding better support for solar. Don’t look now, but they might be about to listen.


10. We kicked off our tree planting project in the flood-risk village of Wolverley. Two trees went in back in March, and volunteers are planting 2000 more in January!


Bonus! We’re making great progress on our innovative idea to power railways with community solar power. Look out for our big launch in February.


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