Ten things 10:10 made happen this year

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on what 10:10 has been doing this year. And thanks to you, there’s a huge amount to be proud of.

1. Over 25,000 people have stood together to support onshore wind and demanded the government give renewables a fair deal. Don’t look now, but they might be about to do it.


2. No one has ever plugged solar panels directly into railways to power trains… until now. We worked with Imperial College London to invent bespoke power electronics to do just that.

Riding-Sunbeams-final-loop (1).gif

3. We’re Making the Earth Great Again - collaborating with Brewdog brewery on their climate change beer. It encourages friends to share a pint and talk about climate change. Profits are coming to us.


4. We shone a spotlight on the best untold tales of climate optimism to celebrate how far we’ve come and up our motivation to keep tackling climate change. We especially loved the dogs and cats home that’s powered by solar and an awesome heat pump.

5. When the government scrapped plans to electrify rail routes, we worked with rail experts Campaign for Better Transport and scrambled a quick-fire petition demanding they change their mind.


6. We invited people to take climate action for the first time through our Carbon Crush resources - and encouraged the rest of us to step up our game.

7. Deep in the Welsh hills, we piloted matching people to their local hydro. And it worked! It’s brought people together, boosted community spirit and cut energy bills by a quarter.


8. Did you know Prince was a secret solar philanthropist? In April we unveiled our Prince solar mural on Camden’s Electric Ballroom - venue for one of Prince’s secret gigs. And people really loved it.

9. Thousands of us have been badgering our local councils to switch our lampposts to LED - saving carbon and cash.

10. We crowdfunded £26,000 for solar panels for community buildings - from a community garden to an LGBT+ helpline. The solar panels are already saving the groups money on their bills and producing lovely clean power – thanks to you. More panels will be going up in the new year.


Together we’ve achieved so much this year. And we’ve got big plans for 2018 to up our game and build the future we all want to see.

Next year we will be planting trees in protect flood-prone communities, bringing the benefits of local solar to a London estate and lighting up our towns, cities and favourite monuments with LEDs.

But we need you to make it possible. Become a Changemaker, and give a monthly gift today to power our climate action in 2018.