solar schools

Liss primary school loved their solar panels so much they got some for their Ugandan partner school too!

Liss juniors, Hampshire, raised £10,000 for solar panels in 2015 with our Solar Schools project. They got creative with their fundraising: think theatre shows, solar sleepovers and bake sales.

With the panels up on the roof you'd think the pupils would have had enough. But no, they spent the next year selling ice pops to raise money for yet more solar - this time for their partner school Kafuro primary school in Uganda. They raised £1,000 for the panels, and so for the first time, Kafuro primary has electricity!

Photo: Kafuro primary school

Photo: Kafuro primary school

The panels mean Kafuro students can keep studying when it gets dark, and get involved in lots of new ways of learning. 

The school is the first building in the village to have electricity, and they're willing to share. The school is now open in the evenings for local businesses to use the free energy. The local barber is offering free haircuts to the children in return.

The benefits don't stop there. Electricity now means another big barrier to communication between Liss and Kafuro has been broken, increasing the opportunities for learning and sharing between schools. And so the virtuous, clean energy cycle continues.

So if you donated to Liss or Kafuro, a big thank you!