heatseekers quest

What does London’s heat look like?

At 10:10 we’ve been wondering how to get people talking about heat.

Here’s the thing. The energy we put in to warm our homes or light our streets is never what we get out. There is always some that escapes. The more efficient something is the less you need to put in, right? So whether you’re heating a house or lighting a bulb, energy efficiency is a simple way to cut costs and carbon. Trouble is, although people know about efficient lighting and insulation, many don’t make the change. Which means more CO2 in the atmosphere and less money in our pockets.

What is it about heat that doesn’t stick? Is it (ironically) less ‘hot’ than reducing plastics or going solar? So we wondered if we could see heat, would people do something about it? Cue thermal imaging camera.

Image from iOS.jpg

Last Wednesday evening we took to the streets to capture the escaping heat.

Are the results what you would expect? Can you figure out where these were taken?  

The lights are twinkling … with heat.


And this outdoor skate park actually looks cosy!


Those mistletoe lights must be giving out some heat…


… but the violins must not be.


Why is Eros warm?


Looks like the Christmas lights must be more efficient than the street lights.


My legs looked so hot! They definitely didn’t feel it, that’s for sure. All that heat must have been escaping through my leggings.


We had a lot of fun finding capturing the city through a thermal imaging camera. These pictures help us to see and understand our environments in a whole new way. So, does being able to visualise energy wastage make us more likely to act against it?