Britain's energy use has been falling for years (good news roundup)

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Welcome back to the #itshappening roundup: your regular reminder that people care, progress is possible, and good things can work.

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Britain's energy use has been falling for years

Despite a growing economy and rising population, we're using less energy than ever. According to Chris Goodall, the average person now uses less energy today than at any time since World War Two. There's still plenty to do though - we need to boost the share of our energy coming from clean sources ASAP.

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This Shetland town is about to start heating homes with seawater

Lerwick, Britain's most northerly town, plans to extract heat from seawater in the harbour and pipe it to homes and businesses through the local heat network. It sounds crazy, but similar systems are already up and running in Scandinavia and Japan.

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Solar roads: better than you thought

Remember that Dutch bike path with embedded solar panels? It's proved even better than expected. After six months, it’s generated enough to power a single-person household for a year. They now want to build more, and extend the idea to roads with heavier traffic.

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Community energy is taking off in California

Publicly-run clean energy schemes are flourishing in the US, speeding the move towards renewables. One community in California is building a giant floating solar array on top of its sewage treatment ponds!

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