Light up your Christmas

Remember when every year was a battle to get the Christmas lights working again? Digging around in the decorations to find the spare bulbs. Well I bet you a mince pie that if you’ve bought a new set of lights for your tree this year they will be LED and they’re lasting a lot longer than the old set!

LED’s aren’t just for Xmas (trees) though. In the last few years LED products have been developed for every kind of fitting - they last longer, they are incredibly energy efficient and the quality of light is fantastic.   

They are so efficient that a UK wide switch to LED would take away the need to run a couple of medium sized nuclear power stations (or a few more coal ones).  

LED lights for all the family!

For the little kids in the family there are some amazing kits out there where you can build your own light circuits.

For the bigger kids you can give them the a remote controlled bulb that lights up their rooms to match whatever teenage colour scheme they’ve decorated their room in. .

And when it comes to getting some for the house there's an LED bulb for every occasion. You can get bright white for the bathroom, warm light for the living room and if you want to go the extra mile to make Christmas warm and cosy then there’s a bulb for that to.

Read our guide to finding the right bulb for all the rooms in your house.

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