A sunny stand against daylight robbery

If you think grey skies, drizzle and early starts can stop us, you’d be mistaken.

At 7:50am ... yes that’s right, before work … 60 volunteers showed their support for solar by creating parliament’s first pop-up solar park. We know making sure solar gets a fair deal was worth braving a dark December morning for.

Solar is by far the nation’s favourite energy source, but it’s under attack. The government want to end the guarantee that people are paid for the surplus energy their solar panels produce. Without this ‘export tariff’, homes, schools, community centres and businesses will all have to donate their power to energy companies for them to sell on. That isn’t just unfair. It’s quite literally daylight robbery

After almost 7000 of us wrote directly to our MPs, and October’s spooky solar stunt, we figured opening a pop-up solar park right on their doorstep was sure to get the message across.

Conservative MPs Antoinette Sandbach and Tim Loughton cut the ribbon for the grand opening as volunteers held panels to the sun.


But we couldn’t stop there. After the ribbon was cut, the message was out.

Supporters holding panels reading ‘Don’t steal our sunshine’ headed round to the Department of Business Energy Innovation and Skills. We handed in a letter to the Energy minister Claire Perry and Secretary of State Greg Clark to make sure they got the message.


And by 9am we were finished. But the campaign is not. We need to keep the pressure high to make sure the government acts to support solar. Write to your MP now.

1010-Solar-Campaign-Action-4a (1).jpg

Photos: Andy Aitchison