It's time to stand up for wind and solar

Last autumn, thousands of you signed our petition asking the chancellor Philip Hammond to ensure dirty fossil fuels aren’t given more public money than clean onshore wind.

The government’s response was lukewarm. But it contained a glimmer of hope: financial support for onshore wind is not being ruled out just yet. So we’re not giving up.

We’ve set our sights on the March 8th budget, where the chancellor will make a major announcement on the future of funding for clean energy.

All forms of energy - including gas and coal - need subsidies to be built. But despite being as cheap as new gas power onshore wind is being denied financial support. And it gets worse: the government are bending over backwards to keep wind out of the game, and their ‘solution’ drags solar down too.

That means the two cheapest clean energy sources are being frozen out of the system. It’ll mean higher energy bills, job losses in the clean energy industry and stop us from tackling climate change. 

We will be delivering a new petition to the chancellor on the 3rd of March demanding the government reinstates support for solar and wind. Are you with us?