Become a solar treasure hunter!

When it comes to energy, we’re too used to looking underground – mining for coal, drilling for oil, fracking for gas. We need to start looking up.

Today we’re unveiling Look Up: a fun, free phone app that lets you uncover the best places to put solar panels in your area. Think of it as the Pokémon Go of solar panels.

If you download it before 10th October (10:10 day!), you could win a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream too! There's also cinema tickets and a Taste card up for grabs. Now there’s an incentive.

With Look Up, becoming a solar treasure hunter is easy:

  1. Spot a roof that might work - a shop, a school, a shed or a circus*.

  2. Fire up the app and tap in a few simple details.

  3. SHAZAM – you get a readout of how much clean power the roof could produce.

Multiply that by a few thousand and you’ve got a map of the most promising solar sites in the country.

The more solar potential you discover, the higher you’ll climb up the leaderboard. If you’re in the top spot by October 30th (when the clocks go back), you’ll win a DIY solar panel making workshop and wind-powered Rapanui clothing vouchers.

Download the app and get treasure hunting!

* Big tops may not be ideal roofs for solar panels.

Photo: Mal Chadwick, Creative commons.