We've raised £26k for solar: thank you!

There’s been purple parties, purple pizza and more purple rain than we’d like - all in honour of Prince’s secret solar philanthropy. And it’s really paid off.

The numbers are still rolling in, but thanks to our brilliant donors and friends, we’ve now raised over £26,000! All that money will be used to put solar panels on the rooftops of Sufra NW Food Bank, Switchboard LGBT+ helpline, Kinning Park Complex, Hulme Community Garden Centre, Aspire Ryde Community Centre, and .

They’re six organisations making the world a better place, whether they’re helping to distribute food to people in need, teaching people to reconnect with dance or nature, or staying on the phone with people who are working through some tough stuff.

And now all of them are charging forward into a solar future!


Rachel, Hulme Community Garden Centre:

"Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the 10:10 Prince appeal to install solar panels on our shop roof... We hope to be able to install panels on the roof this year and start making our sunny brews for the volunteers!"


Lauren, Kinning Park Complex:

"A big shout out and much love from the Kinning Park Complex to everyone that supported the crowdfunder. Having solar panels on our roof will not only help us stay sustainable into the future by reducing our electricity bills but it will also help us inspire our community about the benefits of clean and green energy. Oh and less nasty carbon emissions too!"


Mohammed, SufraNW Food Bank & Kitchen:

"Sufra NW London is truly grateful for your support in helping us to install solar panels on our building. The Food Bank is a lifeline for the local community and your donation will help us reduce costs and sustain the service for the future."


Heath, Aspire Ryde:

"Aspire Ryde would like to thank all those who contributed and would hope to be powered by your efforts soon. It will help us serve our community and keep us transforming our services!


Sue, Ffin Dance:

"Ffin Dance would like to offer a HUGE vote of thanks to everyone who donated to the 10:10 solar fundraiser, helping us to get solar panels for our building, the Beaufort Theatre. We are situated right in the middle of the former coalfield area of the South Wales Valleys and have suffered generations of coal dust and slag heaps. Bringing solar energy to our community is a welcome and much-needed commodity."


Natasha, Switchboard:

"From everyone at Switchboard we would like to say a huge thank you to all those who helped and contributed towards our Prince Solar Fundraiser. This campaign will help us to become a more sustainable charity, both financially and environmentally, enabling us to continue providing calm words to those we support when they need them most."

Now the hard part’s behind us, and we’re ready crack on with getting these guys ready for their solar future.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be working with Joju Solar to get the solar panels up there. The process could take up to six weeks - but we'll keep you updated on how it's all going.

This is only the beginning of their bright future!

Photos: Kinning Park Complex, Neil Hunt (Aspire Ryde photos), Switchboard, Oliver Rudkin (SufraNW photos), Paul Trask (Ffin Dance photos), and Chris Bull (Hulme Community Garden).