September stories of climate hope

Offshore wind power is officially cheaper than new nuclear

In the UK, the cost of offshore wind energy has almost halved in the last three years. It’ll now cost £58 per unit compared to the £92 agreed for Hinkley C nuclear power plant. The cost reduction is down to bigger turbines and higher voltage cables.

Electric school buses have hit the road in California

This Autumn, 13 electric school buses have started taking children to school in Sacramento, California. The buses are much healthier for the climate and improve air quality for the small passengers (and everyone else!). It’s also cheaper for the schools to run and maintain.

800,000 low income homes are getting free solar panels

The panels will be free for tenants, and will save them hundreds of pounds on their energy bills. The first set are being installed on sheltered retirement homes in Ealing, though the biggest beneficiary will be homes in north Wales. It’ll create 1000 jobs over the next five years.

Banner image: Helen Hayden