Powering up Canada schools with solar

From 2011 - 2016 we ran the Solar Schools project. We worked with 80 schools across the country to crowdfund the cost of solar from their communities. From the Scilly Isles to Stockton on Tees, Solar Schools left behind a legacy of new skills, stronger community links and local pride. And of course solar panels making the most of the sunny summer weather. 

The fame of Solar Schools spread far and wide, and now, inspired by cute children fundraising for solar in the UK, Solar Schools Canada are up and running!

Working with schools in Nova Scotia and across Canada, their aim is to give individuals, businesses and organisations the power to tackle climate change themselves. 

Two years ago they successfully installed their first set of solar panels on Dalhousie Law school. And now, they’re finalising the designs and details of their second project. This is a much bigger one - 16kW - at Basinview Drive Community School in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

And it’s not just about panels on the roof. They’re also developing classroom resources about solar power, so that students can learn about climate change and energy from a completely new angle. 

Love it guys - keep up the fantastic work!

Photo: Dalhousie school of law, Solar Schools Canada