Pendock Solar School? They're kind of a big deal...

So it seems the team Pendock Primary in Worcestershire are no longer the Hidden Heroes they once were! While flicking through the Sunday papers this weekend, you might just have spotted them getting some highly deserved kudos in the Telegraph

After their phenomenal fundraising success last year - raising a massive £9000 with only 43 pupils to their name - it's no surprise that Pendock Primary have got people talking. But it wasn't their (undeniably attractive) panels that really caught journalist Sarah Lonsdale's attention, it was the impact the project has had on the school and community as a whole. From "re-invigorating [their] community spirit" to "encouraging residents to take action to reduce their own fuel bills", in the tiny village of Pendock, their Solar Schools project has resulted in a legacy to be seriously proud of.

Since our solar roof campaign reached its target last year the school has been absolutely buzzing. The school roll increased from 43 to 48 this year and people have specifically told me they chose the school because the campaign showed it was thriving.
— Mechteld Blake-Kalff, chair of the parent-teacher association and dynamo behind the campaign.

And Pendock aren't the only ones. We hear from so many of our schools that the impact of the project goes well beyond the PV they originally set their hearts on. 

Taking part in Solar Schools was an incredible opportunity for our school, and an experience that will benefit us for years to come. Not only are we now enjoying the great financial and environmental benefits of solar panels, but our pupils, staff and parents got a huge amount out of the fundraising process itself.
— Sue Jepson, Deputy headteacher at Barnes Primary

With the government's Community Energy Strategy due out next week, Pendock and their fellow Solar Schools are incredible examples of the kind of impact a local renewable project can have. Here's hoping loads more communities receive the support and advice they need to install community owned renewables on all kinds of building and spaces. 

Renewable Rugby Clubs anyone??

Photo: Pendock primary school