When good things happen to good people: Pendock's going solar!

On Thursday the 14th of February, Mechteld Blake - the phenomenal driving force behind Pendock Primary's Solar Schools project - had the pleasure of telling 43 suitably chuffed pupils, that after just 18 weeks of hard work - highs and lows - their tiny school had raised a phenomenal £9,170. That means they are the  third Solar School to sail over their fundraising target this term, hot on the heels of Barnes and Crossdale!

The Pendock team organised a (now annual) fun run to raise funds for the panels

The Pendock team organised a (now annual) fun run to raise funds for the panels

Alongside a plethora of events and community fundraising, the team invited businesses to do their bit to help the pupils of Pendock grow  up in a clean, green solar school. And it's an opportunity that Good Energy wisely didn't want to miss. After the Pendock team got in touch with them to tell them what they were up to, they decided they wanted to do what they could to see the school succeed and donated an incredible £3050, which saw Pendock sail over their target. 

"[Good Energy] are the perfect company to be connected with as all the energy they sell comes from renewables."

Solar Schools offers businesses of all shapes and sizes an opportunity to contribute to a renewables project that is making a real difference. It not only creates an income for a school for years to come but enables these schools, and their pupils, to become real ambassadors for a clean energy future.

Business donations like Good Energy's are celebrated on Pendock's virtual solar roof alongside everyone from the Rowe family to Millie and Lohan's grandad and mean that Pendock can install solar panels in time for the summer sun. 

It's such a ridiculously warm and fuzzy feeling to see deserving causes, and people, succeed. And while we're absolutely thrilled that Good Energy stepped up to so generously support Pendock, this is so much more than a charity case. The parents, staff and pupils at Pendock have given up evenings and weekends, they've baked and blogged, tweeted and twirled to the Tubby Bluesters, raffled pumpkins and raced through the mud. Good Energy's donation allows them to be part of an incredible effort made by people who are passionate about their school, their community and the environment. That's the kind of gang we all want to join.

So what motivates the incredible teams at our Solar Schools? No one puts it more eloquently than Mechteld.

"The small children in our primary school now are the generation that as adults will have to deal with the consequences of climate change. When they look back, I want them to be proud that at least we tried to do something. It may see small and futile in the big scheme of things, but like the flap of a butterfly's wing can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world, many small actions like this can turn into significant change. 

And there is more. Our school is a small rural village school on the border between Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Not many people have heard of it, yet it plays a vital role as the hub for our community. Other villages have lost their school, and subsequently their local shop and their social cohesion. In our village people get to know each other through events and activities organised by the school. These things matter. Our community matters. "

If that doesn't make you feel like leaping up and heading out to do your bit - whether for climate change, for your community or for your children then I'm not sure what will. 

Thanks to Good Energy, and the huge swathe of supporters smiling out from their page, Pendock have done something more than a little bit amazing.