The budget: where were renewables?

Last week 33,000 people demanded the government stop blocking onshore wind and solar power.

We were hopeful. Back in January, the government released their new industrial strategy and said they wanted to tackle climate change at the lowest cost. Onshore wind is the perfect match. It’s our cheapest source of low carbon power, and it’ll help us build our clean, bright future.

So today, when the chancellor Philip Hammond delivered the budget, support for onshore wind seemed like a no brainer. It was the perfect chance for him to back it.

But he didn’t.

Onshore wind is cheap, it’s clean and it’s popular: 73% of us want to see more of it in the UK. But the government is blocking it out of the energy system, so it can’t even compete. Worse still, keeping onshore wind out means solar is being dragged down too.

The government’s vision for British industry is about growing businesses, creating jobs and supporting world leading sectors. Onshore wind ticks all the boxes, and tackles climate change, but the government is intent on supporting fossil fuels instead.

This isn’t over. We’re not giving up the fight for onshore wind. We’ve got lots of exciting plans up our sleeves - lobbying the government on their planning regulations, challenging  fake news on wind power and celebrating the wind power we’ve got here in the UK. Are you with us?