An ode to Great British weather

Ever had your umbrella blown inside out? Been blown backwards on your bike by the wind? Turned up at the beach just to be met with a sudden summer storm?

Course you have. We’ve all been there, so we’ve teamed up with our pals at Ben & Jerry’s in a new film celebrating our Great British weather.

The UK is the windiest country in Europe. Though the pesky breeze may mess up our hair from time to time, it is a great resource for producing energy.

Wind power is cheap. It’s actually the cheapest low carbon energy source we have and even government's own estimates state it will be the cheapest outright by just next year.

It’s popular too. Despite what our media and politicians may lead us to believe. Almost ¾ of the public support onshore wind according to polling by ComRes.

And it's a plentiful resource we should be making the most of. Yet, despite all this great news, the government are intent on freezing it out of our energy system, and are now dragging solar down with it.

We can’t let this happen. Join us in calling an end to the madness and demand the government stop blocking renewables.