MPs are out of step with their constituents when it comes to wind turbines

Six years ago, 100 MPs wrote a letter to the prime minister protesting the spread of onshore wind. They were concerned that we were wasting public money and turbines were being forced upon unhappy local people.

The prime minister listened. People are fed-up with onshore wind, he said. And now new turbines are all-but banned.

But what do their voters think of this? Presumably these MPs must be representing people who really hate wind turbines?

We decided to ask them. And guess what we found out?

They like wind turbines

A whopping 74% of people living in the MPs’ constituencies support onshore wind. That’s the same as the national average. Across the UK, three quarters of people support onshore wind turbines - and the people living in these constituencies are no different.  

They’d like to live near wind turbines

Incredibly, 73% of people in these particular constituencies would be happy to live near wind turbines. But thanks to their MPs, they can no longer choose to.

They don’t know about the ban

Despite their MP being a big advocate of halting turbines, 90% of people don’t know the government is blocking onshore wind.

And they don’t support it

What’s more, a measly 1 in 5 of them 20% would support the government in blocking wind power.

The government is blocking onshore wind on the basis of their claim that communities in England don’t want it. But our polling proves categorically that this isn’t true. In the very places you’d expect support for turbines to be low, three quarters of people back wind power.  

In the fight against climate change we can’t afford to slow ourselves down by arbitrarily blocking the amazing clean technology that’s available to us. We should all be able to choose and benefit from it.

This new evidence couldn’t make it clearer to MPs that it’s time for them to get behind wind. As the government decides whether to keep the block on onshore wind in the new national planning framework, join us in calling on the government to listen to the public.

Find out more about public support for onshore wind by reading our new briefing. If you'd like to read the full polling results you can download them here.

Photo: fromthevalleys, cc