More paid annual leave to travel by train? Yes please!

Hands up if you’d like your work to give you more holiday. Yep - that’s… everyone. Now, hands up if you’d like your work to give you more holiday so that you can take a more environmentally friendly route to your destination.

Well, we’ve been finding out. Our latest research shows that over half of Millenials and Gen Xers would prefer to work for employers that support environmentally friendly travel around Europe. According to the figures, 54% of people aged 25-34 and 50% of people aged 35-44 would like it.

When we asked them how they’d like their boss to promote eco-travel, the most popular option was more paid leave - with over a third of people picking it as their favourite option. That would mean a few extra days of holiday so you could travel over land instead of hopping on a plane. Which seems like a pretty great idea.

As flights have got cheaper and easier, there’s no hiding from the fact that jetting off on holiday is really damaging the environment. Avoiding flying is one of the biggest things you can do to tackle climate change and cut your own carbon emissions.

Our research chimes with a growing trend among young professionals to want to work for employers that share their values. In the UK climate change is now right at the top of the list for under 28’s.

Banner photo: Josh Nezon