Joanna kicks off 2019 in carbon-cutting style

A new year is a new start for many. It’s a time to reflect and reprioritize - to reimagine who we want to be and to shake off the habits that don’t fit those ideals. In short, it’s a brill opportunity to get more people to join the fight against climate change.

For Joanna, and over three hundred other individuals who signed up to our climate-inspired new year resolution, the first day of 2019 was the day being carbon-cutting got real.


Joanna knew she wanted to cut back on emissions but like many of us, she had reached a bit of a stand still. She lives simply, does her recycling, but what next? It was just when she was looking for ideas that Joanna came across 10:10’s facebook page and, on it, a suggestion to make climate action her new year resolution. When Joanna saw there was a chance to win a Lego wind turbine, made of sustainably sourced plastic with houses that light up as the blades of the turbine spin, she knew what to do. She signed up to the pledge, crossed her fingers, and got to carbon-cutting work.

Joanna says the pledge has helped her to think more about climate change, and being on 10:10’s mailing list, she’s found more ways to save energy and money. For Joanna, action started at home;

I’ve switched all our lights to energy-saving LEDs, and last week I went round the house fixing all the drafts.

These quick home fixes cut Joanna’s energy bills and save (literally) tons of CO2 emissions. What’s more these home-based remedies have been shrinking Joanna’s husband’s carbon footprint too. Nice.

But it doesn’t stop there, Joanna’s looking forward to walking to work when the weather cheers up, and speaking to her neighbours about simple ways to save money whilst cutting carbon.

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Joanna was also the lucky winner of the Lego wind turbine, which has brought her even more ways to take action on climate change - through conversation.

I live on the Isle of Wight and my grandson lives in Sheffield, so I don’t see him much. He sees wind turbines on the drive down from Sheffield, and he is excited when he sees them in Southampton. He is always very interested in them and so I know he’ll love this. I sent him a photo of the boxed turbine and he’s so excited - we’re planning on building it together the next time we see each other.

And it’s not just her grandson who’ll be getting the windy message:

When we’ve built it, I’ll send my MP a photo. Let’s see what he thinks about that.

It’s safe to say it’s been a great start for Joanna’s climate-motivated 2019. How about yours?

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