Community carbon savings at home and abroad

Hardware 2 x solar farms (1 x 1.83MWh, 1 x 0.92MWh)
Benefits solar panels on a school's roof, a community garden, insulating local buildings and solar powered ovens in Madagascar
Location North Somerset

Low Carbon Gordano saw solar as "the future". A future looming ever closer after two successful solar farm share offers totalling over £3million pounds, and more rooftop projects in the pipeline.

For the directors of LCG, installing community owned renewable energy is a means to an end. Their real passion is helping local communities reduce their energy costs and carbon footprints. Their plan - square the circle by raising funds locally to install clean energy then use the surplus generated from Fits to support local energy efficiency work. 

To date, they've installed two separate solar farms totally 2.75MWh after two oversubscribed share offers and they just signed off their first payment of £25K to a charity managed by their local Portishead Transition Town. As well as local projects, they're diverting a small proportion of their funding to projects abroad - including solar powered ovens in Madagascar!

Photos: Andy Aitchison