LED street lights you helped make happen

It’s been a year since we first started badgering our local councils to switch to LED street lights. 

LED street lights could save councils thousands of pounds and cut loads of carbon emissions too. So for the last year we have been asking them to crack on and switch. 

1500 supporters emailed their councillors. That totted up to 287 councils getting an email asking them to make the switch to LED street lighting. And some of them got a whole bunch of messages! 

Thanks to your persuasion and persistence, ten have agreed to switch completely in the next five years! From Kirklees to Islington, Wirral to Portsmouth, thousands more street lights will be switched to LED. That’ll shake out to over 1.5m tonnes of carbon saved every year. 

LED street lights are just one part of 10:10’s mission to speed up action on climate change. Whether it’s our world-leading Solar Schools campaign, research to build solar powered railways, or fighting the ban on onshore wind, everything we do is about inspiring more people to take more action on climate change. Will you join our movement to tackle climate change?

Switching to LED lights can also cut your carbon emissions at home. If we all switched to LEDs in our homes, together we could save about 2.7 GW of peak winter demand (pdf). That’s the same as three large fossil fuelled power stations. 

Check out our blog post on switching to LEDs at home. Why not get started this weekend?

Photo by Eddie Stigson on Unsplash