Join our tree-planting trip to Wolverley.

On the weekend of January 26th and 27th, 1010ers will be putting on our woolly socks, sturdy shoes, and great big winter jackets, and setting off to Wolverley, a small village in the north of Worcestershire. Why? We’ll be joining volunteers and a team of local residents for some tree-planting climate action!

The trees we plant will help protect the village from future flooding and they’ll play a part in tackling climate change too.


Tree planting for Wolverley

Wolverley has been flooded every few years for the last decade. When flooded, local residents have to save what they can of their belongings as they watch their front rooms fill with water. Community members have come together to take action, and this year we’re joining them.

Trees are a fantastic (and beautiful) natural flood defence (see this post for the science behind it).  In January, we’ll be working alongside volunteers to get hundreds of trees in the ground. The trees we plant will slow the flow of water, protecting the village from future flooding.  

Tree planting and climate change.

Climate change can feel overwhelming, but trees are one of the solutions we can make happen. Trees are carbon-eaters, they literally remove the carbon from the atmosphere. This means just by breathing trees combat climate change, they are ace!  

Come along.

We’re inviting volunteers to join one or both of our community planting days. Come along and get your hands dirty, learn all about trees and make a difference in Wolverley and beyond.

Bonus benefits (as if the flood-defending and carbon-eating impacts aren’t enough):

It’s fun: If you’ve never planted trees before trust me it’s an amazing experience.

It’s healthy: Planting trees in the fresh outdoors is a physical activity. You don’t have to be an avid gym-goer to join in, but you’ll feel the benefits! A smart thing to sign up to if, like me, you’re planning an overindulgent December.

Free lunch: We will provide lunch and refreshments at the sites. Who can say no to that?


Date: Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January  

Time: 10am-4pm

Meet at Wolverley Church Hall, DY11 5TH

If you’d like to come but can’t afford the travel, we have some bursaries available, so please get in touch.

Photos: Simon Hadley