In Germany, citizen co-ops just won loads of contracts to build onshore wind.

Germany just held an onshore wind auction, where companies and co-ops bid for contracts to build new turbines at the lowest price.

A massive 1 gigawatt of onshore wind is going to be built - the same as a nuclear power plant.

And it came in super cheap too. Since the last wind auction - in May - prices had fallen by 25%.

Perhaps the best part is citizen energy co-ops won 90% of the contracts. The system deliberately favours them over large companies so that the turbines will be built with the support of their local communities.

Compare this to the UK, and it’s a sad picture. Onshore wind is one of the cheapest sources of new energy generation here, too. But the government is blocking it at every turn. Even local people who want to benefit from their own wind turbine can’t build one.

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