How to make a wind turbine Christmas star

The British public are big fans of onshore wind. Three quarters of us back it. And rightly so. It’s the cheapest, cleanest and cleverest energy source out there.

So why not celebrate your love of wind with a Christmas tree decoration? Here's your guide to making a tree topper that'll get all your family talking.

1. To make the hill, draw out a circle on green card using a plate to draw around. The radius (length from the middle of the circle to the edge) will be the height of your hill.

2. Cut a triangle out of the circle from the centre to the edge.

3. Bend the card into a cone shape. Ta da, you have a hill!

4. Now take the silver card. Draw out the shape of a wind turbine using the template. I used this one which I found on Google

5. Decorate! Sequins, tinsel, felt pens – the possibilities are endless.

6. When you’re done, glue the back of the turbine base onto the green hill. I had to use double sided tape. 

A few top tips

  • If you're not a grownup yet, find one to help you with the cutting.

  • If you're a grownup and need an excuse to muck around with ribbons and glue sticks, find a child to help you with the excusing.