How to hack your home to save energy

Get your tin foil and blu-tac ready! It's time for DIY home hacks to cut carbon and save energy.

We've got five simple tips you can try out at home that will save energy and save you money.

  1. Blocking radiators steals heating, so shift your sofa and put your towels away (your mum was right).

  2. Reflect your heat back into your house with tin foil blu-tacked behind the radiator. It could save you £50 off your heating bill every year.

  3. Plug gaps, nooks and draughty windows. Weather strips work wonders for the windows, and draught excluders for doors come in all shapes and sizes.

  4. Only boil the water you need for cups of tea. If we all did this we'd save enough electricity for half the streetlights.

  5. Swap the lightbulbs you use most for LEDs. That's £30 per bulb back in your pocket.

They may seem small, but little things add up, especially if you get a few mates and do them together! Plus, changes like these get us thinking in a whole new way about how we use energy at home. So have a look at the video, and why not have a go at hacking your home?