We all know trees are great. They absorb carbon, provide oxygen, boost biodiversity, and can even prevent flooding. Scientists say that if we’re to cut climate change, the UK needs 1.5 billion more of them. Luckily, these great organisations are on it, and you can help by volunteering at one of their tree-planting sessions. Most tree-planting takes place from October to March, so get your friends and family involved and sign up for a session this winter. 

1. Trees for Life


Trees for Life have big dreams - to rewild the Scottish Highlands and restore the once mighty Caledonian Forest. They run regular volunteer days for anyone living nearby, but for the more intrepid among you, their volunteer weeks provide an opportunity to escape into the Highlands for a week at a time and really immerse yourself in nature, all while tackling climate change!

2. Trees for Cities

London-based Trees for Cities work both nationally and internationally to fill our streets and schoolyards with trees, as well as helping schools to create their own edible playgrounds and teach their pupils about our food system. Since 1993 they’ve planted over a million trees and engaged over 80,000 volunteers. Check out their website to see how you can become one of them.

3. Treesponsibility

Fionn Atkinson on Flickr -

Fionn Atkinson on Flickr -

Treesponsibility have been covering beautiful Calderdale in trees since all the way back in 1998. These Yorkshire heroes have a particular focus on flood mitigation, and aim to educate on climate change and get communities involved in improving biodiversity in their area. As well as regular weekend retreats for the grown-ups, they run shorter day sessions for pupils at local schools. Why not get involved ?

4. City of Trees

Not to be confused with Trees for Cities, City of Trees is committed to transforming Greater Manchester, bringing underused, unloved woodland back to life and planting a tree for every person living in the City Region within a generation. The project holds both one off and regular monthly sessions where Mancunian’s can get involved through becoming a Citizen Forester.

5. Heart of England Forest

The crew behind the Heart of England forest have a vision - to plant, protect, and preserve a new broadleaf forest along the border between Warwickshire and Worcestershire. So far, over 3000 acres of new woodland have been created, but the dream is for ten times that. There are volunteering sessions every Tuesday and Thursday and one Saturday each month. Find out more on their website.