Got a Conservative MP? Meet them in parliament to get them wised up on wind!

Ministers are hinting they might put onshore wind back on the table. But to do that, they need their MPs to back them - and outdated assumptions are standing in the way.

Most MPs vastly overestimate public opposition to onshore wind (by like, ten times!), and just 8% realise it’s now the cheapest source of energyIf you have a Conservative MP, it’s time to set them straight.

Together with Conservative Environment Network, we're holding a drop-in reception in parliament for Conservative MPs and their constituents on Wednesday 30th January. Got a Conservative MP? Then join us there to make sure they wise up on wind. After all, if there’s one person your MP will listen to, it’s you.

Ministers get why we need wind powering our future - they know it’s clean, cheap and popular. But a group of backbench Conservative MPs are blocking it. And there’s dozens more who just aren’t up to speed. That’s why this event is for Conservative MPs - because they’re exactly the people we need to reach to get the block on wind lifted.

The drop-in reception will run from 3-5pm on Wednesday 30th January.

Yes I’d like to come

Wonderful! Sign up to the event and we’ll send you some more information, and an invitation for you to email to your MP.

I can’t make it

No worries, you can invite your MP anyway! And why not suggest a follow-up phone call, or even a meeting in your constituency, to check how it went?

I want to come but travel costs make this impossible

Don’t worry - we have a travel bursary available. We’ll send over some more information once you’ve signed-up.

...but I don’t have a Conservative MP

This event is for Conservative MPs only, but stay tuned to hear about future actions for supporting wind energy. There’ll be lots more opportunities to blow your MP away with the awesome power of wind.

Photo:  Annie Spratt