Fracking vs onshore wind: the system isn't fair.

Head to a proposed wind turbine site, and all is still and empty. Nobody has been given permission to build wind turbines in England since 2015. Meanwhile in Lancashire, fracking company Cuadrilla are sharpening their drills - even though the local council and community has said no.  

Public support for wind turbines has just reached an all-time high at 74%, while support for fracking - now at 13% - is at an all-time low. But the government’s totally out of step. . They’ve rigged the system in favour of fracking and against onshore wind. This means communities who want onshore wind cannot have it, while communities who don’t want fracking simply can’t refuse.

Anyone who wants to build anything needs to get planning permission before they can build. But in 2015, the government introduced new rules for wind turbine applications.

These conditions are a blanket ban on any new wind projects.

 For fracking, meanwhile, the opposite is true. After fierce local opposition, the council in Lancashire turned down an application to frack the countryside near Little Plumpton. But central government stepped in and overturned the decision. Despite the local community doing everything they can to stop it, fracking is now due to begin there this month.

As Cuadrilla get ready to start the first fracking the UK’s seen in six years, we need to send an urgent message to the government about the kind of future we want.

We’re calling on the government to lift the ban on onshore wind and hand decision-making power over local energy projects back to local people.

Sign our petition to show the government that the British public want onshore wind front and centre of our efforts to tackle climate change.