Four ways your stuff can help cut carbon

We don’t often think of stuff as having an impact on climate change. What do chairs, books, computers and clothes have to do with CO2?

But when you think about, it’s obvious. All those mines, factories and delivery trucks that have brought you all that stuff have to run on something - and that means planet-choking carbon emissions. But, if we change the way we buy and use stuff, there are lots of ways your stuff can help tackle climate change.

1. Don’t buy things you don’t need

Remember, every new thing you buy has a carbon footprint. Do you really need that new thingamabob?

2. Buy second hand

That way, the clothes/phone/sofa is literally doubling it’s life! You can often find hidden gems in your high street charity shops, or local groups like FreeCycle where you can get larger things for free from people in your neighbourhood.

3. Buy the best quality you can afford

Ever bought a bargain pair of shoes only to have them start falling apart as soon as you wear them? Investing in quality or longevity when you need to buy something should mean your purchase lasts a lifetime rather than a couple of months. And once you’ve got your new item, look after it.

4. Make do and mend

If something breaks down, see if there are local shops or places that can repair it, rather than just replacing it. It might take a bit of effort to find a repair shop the first time you need one, but you can go back when the next shoe get broken or computer needs a service. Plus you’ll likely save a bit of cash and you might just learn new skills on the way.

For more on how stuff can cause (and help tackle) climate change, check out our explainer film.

Banner photo by Onur Bahçıvancılar