Solar means money for community projects in Old Trafford.


Hardware 30 solar panels on the church and community centre
Benefits Grants to local community projects including food banks and bee hives
Location Old Trafford, Greater Manchester.

St John's sunshine are harnessing the power of the sun to give grants to local projects.

For St John's church, Old Trafford, the whole point of getting community-owned solar was to generate money for local projects. Every year, members vote on which local projects will get grants, and everyone who applies gets something! 

In the last three years they have supported a drop-in food bank for asylum seekers, bought beehives for local allotments, and arranged an 'Open Gardens Day' so everyone could meet their neighbours. 

"People are doing this because it's something for our children, something for our community, not something for ourselves. Right from the beginning we wanted to share the benefits with the local community."

Rev John Hughes, St John's church.

St John's are currently offering a fourth round of grants to the local Old Trafford community and are exploring getting some more solar panels and a solar water system!

Photos: Andy Aitchison