A dose of climate optimism: five stories from 2016 that’ll make you go woooow!

1. The UK used more solar power than coal this summer.

This April, for the first time ever, solar produced more power than coal for a whole weekend. Then in May, solar produced more power than coal over a whole week… then a month. And finally in September solar hit six months as reigning champ! 

2. Renewables are powering whole countries now.

Pedro Ribeiro Simoes  Creative Commons

Pedro Ribeiro Simoes Creative Commons

From 7th-10th May, Portugal was entirely powered by wind, solar and hydro. One Sunday in May, Germany was almost totally powered by renewables too, and come a windy weekend in autumn, it was Scotland’s turn to be completely powered by wind turbines!

3. Electric cars are on the rise.

In 2015, we hit a million electric cars worldwide. In Norway, almost one third of cars on the road are electric, and they’re planning to ban the sale of petrol cars completely by 2025. And the number of electric car charging points in Scotland is about to overtake petrol stations because electric cars have become so popular!

4. More people are cycling

Photo: Richard Masoner  Creative Commons

Photo: Richard Masoner Creative Commons

In Copenhagen bikes now outnumber cars - with 56% of residents cycling to work and only 14% driving. In London from 2000 to 2014 car numbers halved, while bikes trebled, so now a quarter of commutes are by bike.

5. We’re getting serious about food.

Photo: Isabell Schulz  Creative Commons

Photo: Isabell Schulz Creative Commons

In France, supermarkets must give unsold food to charities or foodbanks. In China, the government’s new guidelines could cut meat consumption by 50% - cutting a whopping 1bn tonnes of carbon by 2030.

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