Fancy some home renovation inspiration?

The UK has some of the leakiest homes in Europe. Loads of our heating escapes through our doors, windows and floors, so every winter we end up using masses of energy on heating that’s being wasted.

And that adds up to a lot of carbon emissions. In fact, homes account for around a third of UK carbon emissions. So if we want to tackle climate change, the places we live will need some work.

There are loads of things that you can do at home. From sealing the gap under the door, to popping a cosy on your boiler, to getting to grips with your heating controls.

And there are some people who really go the extra mile to make their homes as climate-friendly as possible. They turn their homes from ordinary brick and mortar into supper energy efficient palaces. 

Every September, homes that have cut their carbon emissions by at least 60% open their doors for us to have a look around as part of the Superhomes network. This September is no exception. There will be over 100 people across the country offering tours of their homes and giving us the chance to get inspiration and advice on doing it ourselves.

There’s some innovative carbon cutting going on: solar panels, heat pumps, green roofs, mechanical heat recovery and biomass boilers (if you don't know what they are - get on a tour to find out!). You’ll find them in Grade II listed 16th century buildings and 1990’s build ex-council houses alike.

So if you fancy have a look around, check out the Superhomes website to find a home near you.

Photo: Superhomes.
The Ecological Building Society is supporting Superhomes this year.