Less beef in America and more electric taxis in London: a dose of climate optimism.

The company behind London’s black cabs has just opened an electric taxi factory.

The London Taxi Company have just opened their newest factory in Coventry, and it’s electric cars only. It’s the first factory in the UK that’s dedicated to making electric vehicles. At full capacity it’ll be able to build 20,000 electric cars every year - the first ones are rolling onto London’s streets later this year.

This German coal mine is closing… and becoming a giant battery.

Active coal mine Prosper-Haniel, in western Germany, is being transformed into a giant electricity storage reservoir when it stops mining next year. Using the mine like this means new jobs and industries for the area which has relied on coal mining for generations. And it’ll smooth the path for making renewables more of a part of Germany’s electricity mix. It’ll store enough power for 400,000 homes.

Americans are eating less beef!

Between 2004 and 2015, Americans cut their beef consumption by 19% - that’s nearly a fifth! They’re also eating less pork and more greens. Researchers have worked out the pollution saved from all the dietary changes is the equivalent to 57 million cars on the road - and serious climate offender beef is a big part of that.

Prosthetic skin, powered by the sun.

Scientists have developed solar powered synthetic skin. It is much more sensitive to things like pressure, temperature and texture - like human skin. 'Electronic skin' technology already exists, but needs a battery to power the sensors, so solar will make it much lighter.

Banner image: Yosef-Silver, creative commons