A dose of climate optimism

1. Wind power had a great Christmas

One Christmas day wind power made up 32% of UK electricity! That’s a new wind record! So a third of your turkey roasting, tree lights twinkling and singing along to Frozen on the tele was powered by the wind. Overall, renewables made up 42% of our electricity that day. The week ending on Christmas day was great for wind too - that week 20% of UK power came from wind.

2. In 2016, 98% of Costa Rica’s electricity was renewable

Yep you read correctly, 98%. The power used all Costa Rica’s natural resources - rivers, wind, sunshine and underground heat. For 250 days in the year, they were powered totally by clean electricity.

3. UK wind is 25 years old!

In 1991 the first onshore wind turbine in the UK was built in a village in Cornwall. Since it’s blades started turning, it has produced enough power to boil 3.2 billion kettles. The local people love it - the wind turbine has generated cash to fix the church roof and fund a lollipop lady for the school, as well as providing 25 years worth of clean power.

4. These solar panels mean social equality in California

A charity in California is installing solar panels on houses in some of the poorer areas of LA. It means much cheaper bills - essential when the choice is between air conditioning on sizzling summer days and eating. The panels are installed by volunteers, creating plenty of chances for people to retrain or get into work, and skilling up for local green jobs.

Banner photo: Gary Denham, Creative Commons.