Do you want a 2019 to be proud of?

This autumn, one of the most important scientific documents ever produced was released to the world’s press.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report on tackling climate change – almost 100 scientists, collating over 6,000 scientific papers around the world – told us just how little time is left to have a fighting chance of keeping climate change under control.

Their headline? We need to almost halve global greenhouse gas emissions in 12 years.

Perhaps, like me, you don’t get how the spectre of climate breakdown doesn’t grip everyone in the gut – a constant reminder of the urgency of our situation.

Lucky for me, my job is to persuade people to take action on climate change, in turn inspiring others to do so too.

In reality, it shouldn’t be hard. If you value fresh air, community, good health, decent public transport. If you want trees of every kind, if you want birds in them. If you want a warm home. If you want vibrant countryside. If you want peace between countries. If you want security for your kids - if you want kids. If you want weather you can trust. If you want to take pride in your generation... I could go on.

If you want all these things then you want one thing: ambitious, era-defining action on climate change.

This is where 10:10 Climate Action comes in.

We don’t wait around for politicians – we create campaigns and projects to get more and more people taking action on climate change, starting now.

In 2019 we want to target the areas where carbon emissions are rising fastest, and where we face the biggest challenges to stop burning fossil fuels.’s

Last year, our Riding Sunbeams report laid out our plans for a clean energy world-first: connecting solar panels directly into electrified rail routes. 2019 is the year we plan to take this off the page and onto the tracks. Yep, really, by this time next year I could be inviting you for a trip on a solar powered train. And that solar power will be owned by local commuters.

We’re planning a pioneering project on flying – an employee benefits scheme called Climate Perks offering extra leave if employees take the train not the plane for their holidays. It’ll cut carbon and kickstart watercooler conversations about travel.

Then there’s Powering Parks, working with local councils to harvest low carbon heat from parks. Through the magic of heat pumps we will replace gas use in homes and buildings. Reducing emissions and more money to maintain parks – what’s not to like?

There’s more: we want to plant thousands of trees, and develop new communication ideas to talk to more people outside the green bubble about climate change – and we’ve not forgotten about our campaigns to stop the government turning its back on onshore wind, energy efficiency and solar.

Lots of climate action is coming up but opportunities often arise we can’t anticipate, and when this happens we want to respond quickly. We need £10,000 to cover the costs of new developments for next year’s projects. Your donation gives us the freedom to make the most of these and maximise climate action. This is crucial to our success. No other charity is dedicated to inspiring the British public in climate action like we are.

I’m asking you, could you donate to us and help spark era-defining climate action?

Your donations give us the financial independence to support the more creative and pioneering campaigns and enhance those that show early success. You empower our small team and focused projects.

  • £25 - puts on a community engagement session on building locally-owned renewable energy.

  • £100 - provides 100 tree saplings for planting.

  • £500 - offers training for supporters to lobby their MP.

Thanks for reading and for your continuing support,


Max Wakefield – Lead campaigner