Creative ways to make sure your MP speaks up about climate change

In the first week of July, people from around the country will be badgering their MPs about climate change.

It’s part of the Week of Action organised by the Climate Coalition. Everyone will be getting involved - from Girl Guides to bird watchers to cricket teams to student unions. This is our chance to put climate change right at the top of the agenda of our newly elected MP.

The issues on the table

In 2015, the UK agreed to the UN Paris deal to cut worldwide carbon emissions. Excellent news.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Now, we need MPs to make a plan to meet the targets they agreed (so far they haven't been very forth coming to say the least). There are three major ways the government can pull their socks up:

  1. Local energy: changing the rules so that ordinary people can make the most their local renewable energy resources. This includes reintroducing fairer taxes so community energy projects can benefit, reviewing planning rules to give renewables a fair deal and opening up market rules to allow community groups to sell energy locally. If you want to dig into the details we've written a lobbying pack. 
  2. Wasting energy: cut home energy waste by installing energy saving measures in houses - starting with poorer areas.
  3. Cars: tackle emissions and air pollution from vehicles so that we phase out dirty diesel and move towards more electric cars and trains.

How can you get involved?

It’s simple. Get together a few mates, invite your MP along and talk to them about climate change. How about...

  • Invite your MP a sustainably sourced lunch. Get together the best produce from your area that’s in season this time of year.
  • Show off the cool climate-change-busting projects in your area. Perhaps a local school or community centre has solar panels? Tell your MP why it's so important they support it.
  • Are you a Scout, a WI member, part of a football team or a beekeeping club? Invite your MP along to your meeting and tell them why climate change matters for you guys and your local area.
  • Hijack your local pub-quiz and run an energy and climate themed night - play on your MP’s competitive streak, and see if you can beat them (maybe even invite some of the other candidates at the last election…).
  • Take a trip to Westminster and meet them. You are a potential vote next election, so make sure your MP know what matters to you. You can also go to your MPs local surgery if London’s a bit of a trek.

If you like to go along to an event in your area, check out the Climate Coalition’s map for more deets.

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