Cooling yourself AND the Earth with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

It sounds too good to be true - you can show your support for onshore wind by feasting on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

This summer, we’ve teamed up with Ben and Jerry’s to stand up for onshore wind - and what better way to start than celebrating with some windy ice cream?!

Last Friday, our pals at Ben and Jerry’s renamed some of their most notorious ice cream flavours after the awesome power of wind. Strawberry Cheesecake became Strawberry Breezecake, Cherry Garcia turned into Cherry Gale-cia, Vanilla > Fan-ill… you get the idea. The windy flavours are being sold in their Soho shop for the next four weeks - and at Showcase and Empire cinemas across the country.


Fantastic right? It gets better … on Windy Wednesdays (or Wednesday's, as they are usually known) these flavours will be half price, because - yes, you’ve guessed it - onshore wind power is super cheap and all round great.

But before you all hop on a train to London, there’s more! Throughout July, these Ben and Jerry’s flavours will be touring all over the country, as the campaign ice cream van breezes into towns across the UK. Watch this space for dates!

Onshore wind is cheap, popular and clean - but it’s currently all-but impossible to develop new projects. Together with Ben and Jerry’s, we’re calling on the government to lift the planning blocks they’ve placed on onshore wind.

Will you join us?