Case study: In Warrington, solar means good jobs and a better Christmas

Warrington Borough Council know fuel poverty is a big issue for their communities. So they’re using solar solutions to make a difference - cutting residents bills while creating jobs and apprenticeships in the local area.

Hardware Solar panels on 2,000 homes, and sheltered housing

Benefits Cheaper bills for council tenants, apprenticeships and local jobs.

Locations Warrington, Cheshir

Mirror coverage

They’ve installed solar on 2,000 homes, as well as sheltered housing for elderly people. And they work with local community energy groups to reach the buildings they cant.

Each householder saves around £145 a year on their bills, while the steady stream of work has made it possible for their partners - Golden Gates Housing - to create jobs and apprenticeships for local people.

The Warrington solar project is so standout it caught the attention of the Mirror who gave it a full spread story.

“There was a woman last year who told me that thanks to the solar panels she could now buy Christmas presents for her kids. That made me think everything we’ve been doing is worthwhile.”
— David Cowley, head of housing services at Warrington Borough Council
“I love my job. Before this, I was stacking shelves in a supermarket. Now, I’m learning a trade and I’ve got a qualification for life. I really enjoy helping the families as well, knowing they can save £100 to £200 a year on their electric. And I want my kids to have a planet left.”
— Anthony Whelan, electrician with Golden Gates Housing after a four year apprenticeship.

Photos: Chris Bull