Britain's five most beautiful holiday spots

If you're looking for a beautiful spot to escape to this summer, check out these five natural wonders right on your doorstep – no air miles needed!

The Pembrokeshire coast

If you like a bit of drama in your landscapes and a vague possibility of plunging to your death the Pembrokeshire coast is a must. Follow the coast from St David's for some spectacular views.

Seven Sisters, Sussex

Nothing says England like chalk cliffs, and the Seven Sisters – just a few miles east of Brighton – are the best in the business.

The Lake District

Sure, it's one of the rainiest places in the country (the clue's in the name), but if you can catch the Lake District on a clear day, it'll take your breath away. Climb the biggest mountain you can find, and watch the sunlight dance on the hillsides. Top-of-your-voice poetry recitals optional.


Ah, Cambridge. Full of history and well-heeled cleverness, and one of the few cities in the country where you can happily spend hours just wandering around looking at stuff. And as a bonus, it's one of Britain's most bike-friendly cities, so bring your trusty steel steed along to experience some of the best bike paths in the country.

The Isle of Skye

Skye manages the impressive feat of being among the most dramatic, and most accessible of the Scottish islands – a road bridge from the mainland means no messing around with weekly ferries and light aircraft. If the world was flat, this is what the edge would look like.

Title Image: Tim Bounds, Creative Commons.

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