Solar power is paying for boxing clubs and community farms in Bristol


Hardware 550+ solar panels
Benefits Bill savings for the community projects, plus a growing community benefit fund
Location Bristol

Bristol energy co-op have raised £250,000 from their local community to put solar on buildings in the most deprived areas of the city.

They've installed solar on a wide range of buildings - from community hubs to adult education centres to sports centres and boxing clubs. And all of it is owned by 200+ local investors. 

Bristol Energy Co-op's third solar fund raise in 2015 raised over £10 million, allowing them to expand their rooftop solar installations to 11 community buildings and to install two larger community solar farms totalling 8.8MW in 2016! 

"The annual output from our solar portfolio is currently: 9,105 MWh (Megawatt Hours). That’s enough to power 2,220 average homes."

 Andy O’Brien, Bristol Energy Coop

Photos: Andy Aitchison