Big news on the future of clean energy

Yesterday, the government revealed its new plan to cut support for clean energy. This is a big deal – it affects how much wind, solar and hydro Britain can build over the next few years.

So here’s the good news: after an epic backlash, they’ve had to dial down some of the monster cuts they’d originally planned.

Make no mistake – these cuts will still massively screw things up for no good reason, putting thousands of people out of work before Christmas, and slowing the move to an energy system that doesn’t involve lighting old dinosaurs on fire.

But because so many people stood up for clean energy, we’ve avoided the nightmare scenario and saved some great projects that could have been scuppered.

There’s something happening here. All over the world, clean energy is starting to look unstoppable, and with support growing every day, hostile politicians are learning that it's no longer an easy target.

More than 100,000 of us spoke out against these cuts through a whole host of amazing campaigns. The BBC called it ‘a storm of criticism’ that forced the government to backtrack.

And last month, the public invested nearly £15m to help local energy projects threatened by another government cut.

But this is just the beginning. Even with the government’s antics, there’s loads we can do to speed things up. From big campaigns like Keep Fits to hands-on projects that prove what's possible, we'll be at the heart of the action in 2016, and we'd love to have you with us.

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