Barton Moss, once infamous for fracking, is going solar!

They’ve done it, Barton Moss is going solar! Following hot on the heels of Balcombe, an area once infamous for fracking is now preparing to install solar. 

It’s all a far cry from 2013, when the fracking industry threatened. With the drills on their doorstep they came together to fight back. And with the frackers gone they decided to build on the bonds they'd made during the protests, and turn it into something more positive by building a cleaner, greener dream for themselves.  


They formed Moss Community Energy and started to look for solar sites. It wasn’t always easy - when government cuts struck this dream looked seriously threatened. But these people weren’t quitters, they were still determined to build their dream by putting solar in their local primary school. 

But things were looking tight. With only a matter of days left to raise the money, the community were still agonisingly short of their target. However, shortly after we told our supporters about their story, the group were finally pushed over the line.

And here they are! 

And here they are! 

So if you were one of those who invested in their dream, a big thank you! 

If you missed out on the chance to help Barton Moss, don't worry! There are other community projects who need your help. Why not check the Community Energy Hub England and see if there is a project you could support.

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