A dose of climate hope for August

This Pakistani province planted a billion trees in two years.

The forests of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, north-west Pakistan, have suffered from decades of felling and natural disasters. The new trees have been planted ahead of schedule and have a 70-90% survival rate - one of the highest in the world. They will help sustain the river banks and tackle climate change.

Scotland’s biggest solar park just got the green light.

Clear skies and longer daylight hours make Urquhart in northern Scotland the perfect spot for 80,000 solar panels. They’ll power 3,500 homes, and there will be room for sheep to graze around the panels too.

Arsenal football club’s stadium is going 100% renewable.

Arsenal have just scored a deal with a renewable energy supplier to become the first Premiership team to go 100% renewable! The 60,000 seat stadium already has water recycling, energy efficient lighting and an anaerobic digestion system.

South Miami just made it mandatory to put solar panels on all new homes

A new law, which was passed with a four to one majority, makes it a legal requirement that all new homes must have solar power. With this move, Florida is truly living up to it’s nickname - the sunshine state!

These energy gardens at London Overground stations create clean electricity - and beer?!

Community gardens on train platforms across London are bringing fresh food, flowers and solar power to train stations. The gardens have even brewed their own beer - the Energy Garden Ale - which is made with fresh hops grown at the energy garden on Brondesbury Park station. First round on us?

This micro-grid means New Yorkers can buy clean energy from their neighbours

A project has been set up in Brooklyn to allow people who produce clean energy to sell it directly to their neighbours. People will even be able to sell what they’re deeming “negawatts” - negative electricity watts. This means people will literally be paid to switch off appliances when demand is high, helping to make the electricity grid more efficient.