Ask your MP to support urgent climate ambition

The UK has long been a leader on tackling climate change. Our Climate Change Act (passed in 2008, ten this year) sets a target of cutting emissions by 80% by 2050. But if we’re going to keep global warming to anything like 1.5 degrees, the science is clear that we need not just fewer emissions, but none at all. Zero.

Lots of countries have already committed to net-zero emissions. That means no emissions from some sectors - like switching all our electricity to renewable - and a huge cut in emissions from other sectors (like agriculture), which would be balanced out by things like tree planting.

The UK government have said they will consider a net zero emissions target for the UK. Adopting a science based net-zero emissions target alone will not be enough - it must be followed by urgent action - but it is an indispensable first step.

Email your MP asking them to support the net-zero emissions target.

Things to mention:

  • Why you’re writing: you’re really concerned about climate change and want the UK to take a lead in tackling it.

  • The IPCC have just released a report about keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees, and a net zero emissions target by latest 2050 is essential to have a meaningful chance of staying within that limit.

  • Suggest some things the UK government can do to reach a net zero target - for example planting more trees, unblocking onshore wind, supporting more solar power.

  • Ask your MP to write to climate minister Claire Perry urging her to adopt an ambitious net-zero emissions target as soon as possible.

Click here to find contact details for your MP.

Photo: Tom Nicholson