Ask your MP to support community energy

Imagine a world where your electricity comes from a solar park or wind turbine just down the road. Where local people own a collective stake, and get to share in the profits. Where local renewables mean funding for local projects and good causes.

Community energy is building exactly that vision.

And in a speech last month Claire Perry - the energy minister - signed herself up to that vision"From power stations to solar panels, the future is local - community energy is a key cornerstone of government’s ambition for a low-carbon energy system."

But since 2015, a raft of government cuts have halted progress. Since then, hardly any new community energy groups have got off the ground.

If Claire Perry wants community energy to play a pivotal role in stopping climate change, she needs to take real action to put it back on track.

That’s why groups from across the country have published a new Community Energy Manifesto. It is an eight point plan for giving community and local energy groups the support they deserve.

We need to make sure the minister reads and enacts this manifesto as soon as possible. Will you write to your MP telling them you support community energy - and asking them to write to Claire Perry on your behalf?

Ministers have promised to consider what support community energy needs this year. That means there’s an opportunity to bank real wins, and ensure groups get the policy they need to transform the energy system.

Community energy puts power back in the hands of ordinary people, puts money back into local areas and builds support for renewable energy across the country. It should be right at the heart of the government’s thinking.

Will you write to your MP asking them consider their proposals?