Anywhere Father Christmas can get in, the heat can get out!

We need to talk about the heating. And not just the scarily warm winter we’re having.

UK’s homes are some of the leakiest in Europe – we spend a small fortune each winter on heat which simply escapes through our windows, doors, walls and floors.

Download our winter heating guide and do some DIY draught busting over the holidays, then get your MP to take action too.

All that waste adds up to a lot of wasted carbon. Heating represents a bit over a third of UK carbon emissions, half of which is used in our homes.

If we’re going to kick our fossil fuel habit, we need to do something about all this wasted heat.  

It’s a massive health and economic issue too. 3.8 million children in England live in families that are struggling to pay their energy bills, and the health impacts of people living in cold homes cost the NHS around £1.3 billion every year.

The government have a target to get the coldest homes up to a basic energy efficiency rating by 2030. But progress is very slow on this, and even then it’s not nearly enough.