And so it begins...

So, launch day. It’s 5am on September 1st, and in a few hours we’ll be heading down to Tate Modern to introduce 10:10 to the world.

After a week of coffee-fueled all nighters and some genuine acts of heroism from our team of wranglers, fixers, tweeters, techies, artists, organisers, editors, filmers, and runners, everything’s more or less in place and it’s looking incredible.

We've been immersed in this for so long that it’s hard to look at it objectively, but this really feels like something special. I’ll let the rundown speak for itself:

  • Hosted at the Tate Modern, a disused coal power station now used as a platform for creative expression and leading the country in the fight against climate change. The symbolism is almost too perfect.
  • Solar powered live music from Reverand and the Makers and Stornoway, introduced by Radio One's Sara Cox.
  • Free champagne for the first 1010 people to sign up (courtesy of the lovely people at Ocado.)
  • Free 10:10 tag for the first 3000 people to sign up.
  • Giant thousand megapixel gigapan photo (as seen at Obama's inauguration) of everyone on Tate Modern's front lawn, to be featured in centre spread of the Guardian the following day.
  • Speeches from Franny Armstrong (10:10 founder and director of climate change blockbuster The Age of Stupid) and Chris Rapley (Director of the Science Museum, founder of the British Antartic Survey).
  • VIPs from Sara Cox to the Bishop of London signing up in person.

There’s just one piece missing from this crazy puzzle: you.

If it’s before about 5pm on September 1st and you’re anywhere near London, come to the South Bank (tube: Southwark) and help us make history.

Images covered by Creative Commons