A special solar delivery for MPs

We urgently need more renewable energy in Britain to tackle climate change. But incredibly, ministers are planning to stop people with solar panels being paid for the energy they produce. Instead it will go for free to corporate energy companies.

That isn’t just unfair. It’s quite literally daylight robbery.

So far over 4000 10:10 supporters have written to their MPs demanding they support solar. But MPs are busy people, so we’ve been doing our best to get their attention.

MPs in the dark montage - Daylight Robbery v3.jpg

Last week in parliament, 22 cross-party MPs joined us to show their support for solar, calling for a end to this blatant daylight robbery by joining our photoshoot in the dark!

This week, we delivered a letter direct to a group of key MPs - stuck to the back of an actual (albeit mini) solar panel!


We collected messages from people living in the MPs constituency, and spray painted each solar panel with the number people in constituency that have installed solar to date. All that solar is thanks to the policies the government now plans to take away.

MPs are due to go on their autumn break on Thursday, so we need to get the message to them ASAP. And the people they will really listen to is you - their constituents. Please show your support for solar and write to your MP today.