A dose of hope: Cornwall is going 100% renewable, and so is Abbey Road recording studios!

Cornwall wants to go 100% renewable by 2030.

Cornwall has plenty of wind and sun, and the council want to put it to good use. They just approved super ambitious plans for all of Cornwall's electricity needs to come from low carbon sources in just 17 year's time. Not only that, they’re also aiming to increase local ownership of energy to 50%, and to cut fuel bills and fuel poverty.

Here comes the sun: Abbey Road studios is going renewable!

Abbey Road recording studios just switched their energy supplier to be 100% renewable. They - along with three other recording studios managed by Universal Music UK - will be totally powered by wind and solar.

The Irish parliament just backed a bill to dump their fossil fuel investments

The Irish parliament has voted to support the fossil fuel divestment bill. The bill would make Ireland the first country in the world to divest its sovereign wealth fund, worth over €8 billion, from coal, oil and gas. It’s now going through the rest of the parliament, but with support from all parties but one, it looks positive. Keep everything crossed!

How the sun is keeping homes cool

We’re used to hearing about solar panels generating electricity from the sun. But solar thermal panels are really taking off to replace air conditioning in hot countries around the world. They can cut energy consumption by 90% compared to regular AC. And of course when the sun is shining and you most need to cool down, the solar thermal panels are working at their best.

Photo: Alice Bell