Today, we need a dose of climate hope

Today might not be a day filled with much hope. But we know that action on climate change is happening all around the world. In fact, it’s unstoppable. Here are five stories to make you feel a little more optimistic this week.

1. If you like the Netherland’s wind powered trains, you’ll love Melbourne’s solar trams.

As of 1st January this year, all electric trains in the Netherlands are 100% powered by wind. Dutch trains use the same amount of electricity as all the households of Amsterdam, so this is a serious carbon cut. And if you like that, trams in Melbourne Australia are not far behind - next year they will be 100% powered by the sun.

2. Electric buses are already starting to help Oxford Street's air pollution problem

Oxford Street is one of the most polluted streets in London. But in the last year pollution levels have dropped by a third. It’s mainly thanks to new electric buses in the capital and cutting the number of delivery trucks. There’s still a long way to go but hopefully the rapid change is a sign of things to come.

3. China just opened the world's biggest solar park

In 2016 China installed three football pitches worth of solar every hour. This year they’re showing no signs of letting up - this week they opened a giant solar farm in western Qinghai province. The 4 million solar panels can supply electricity for 200,000 households!

4. These council homes in Barnsley are taking UK solar to a whole new level

40 council houses in Oxspring, near Barnsley, are getting solar panels and electricity storage tech installed. The battery stores the electricity that the solar panels generate during the day, ready for people to use in the evenings. It’s a win win: it could up to halve residents' electricity bills and help smooth out peaks in the electricity grid.

5. Wind powered Scotland for four consecutive days - a new record!

Between 23rd and 26th December, Scotland’s wind turbines generated enough electricity to power the entire country. And off the back of that, the Scottish government has announced mega ambitious carbon cuts - their new plan is to reduce their emissions by 66% in just 15 years.